Heath on the Issues

Are you frustrated with the broken promises of politicians who say they’ll fight for us – but put themselves first.

I certainly am.

I’m a firefighter, farmer, and small business owner who is tired of watching slick politicians live high on the hog at our expense.

I’m running for Assembly to improve the lives of our neighbors, bring more reliable water supplies here fast, strengthen the Valley’s economy, keep taxes down and protect families in an increasingly dangerous world.

A Farmer to Fight for Our Water

Stop the Two Tunnels.
I am strongly opposed to Governor Brown’s misguided plan to build two huge tunnels at a cost of $17 billion and ship our water South. It’s time we put people and jobs before fish and stop this boondoggle.

More Water Storage
State voters passed a water bond in 2014.  Now, it is imperative the California Water Commission use the $2.7 billion for water storage projects to build dams at Sites Reservoir and Temperance Flats.  I will work to speed construction of both facilities and fight my hardest to remove radical environmental rules that put fish before people and slow their construction.

Fight For Our Ground Water
Like most farmers in the region, I strongly oppose the Twin Tunnel plan.

Like most farmers, I opposed recently passed groundwater legislation that will mandate a massive and costly regulatory system for farmers and ranchers. 

Since the bills became law, we now must focus on ensuring water, property and privacy rights are respected.  Count on me to oppose schemes that will lead to confusion and litigation or allow government bureaucrats to stop people from pumping water that’s needed for crops and livestock.

A Business Owner to Grow the Economy

I am a small business owner and director of international marketing for a family-owned business. I know how to create jobs and how California gets in the way of those who want to hire.

  • Reduce the regulatory burden by removing the obstacles to job creation and attract new investment to our state.
  • Provide small business with the kind of tax incentives they need to encourage more job creation.
  • Strengthen the middle class and build a better future by making college more affordable and improving vocational training.
  • Keep taxes down on families and job creators and providing tax incentives to create new jobs in our communities.
  • Invest in infrastructure, like water storage, to create jobs and improve our quality of life.

A Parent to Fight for our Schools

As a father of two, I want to see every child receive a quality education.

That’s why I will work to ensure we fully fund education and give every chance the opportunity to succeed.

  • Foster innovation in our schools
    • Ensure our students are prepared to succeed in the 21st-century economy.
  • Raise Student Achievement
    • Heath will work to ensure teachers, administrators, school boards and parents are empowered to focus on student achievement.
  • Improve Vocational and Career Education.
    • I believe the opportunity for a college education should be available to all students. But, I also want to expose K-12 students to more career and technical education options so those who don’t attend college have skills that lead to high paying jobs.

A Firefighter to Keep Us Safe

I was trained as a paramedic and am now a battalion chief in a volunteer firefighting brigade. I have seen and felt the pain caused by a loss of life.
As a legislator, I make sure law enforcement and our firefighters have the tools they need to protect us. 

You can also count on me to clean up the mess caused by the state’s foolish release of 10,000 dangerous felons from prison and to oppose any future release of prisoners from state jails.

Cut Waste and Fight Corruption

I support using performance-based budgeting to cut government waste and will require mandatory fingerprinting to stop welfare fraud.

I will also push to expose greedy, corrupt public officials who put their needs ahead of the people they represent and will support prosecuting the guilty to the full extent of the law.

Keep Taxes Down

I will fight hard to protect Proposition 13. I will also lead the fight to prevent the 76 cents per gallon “hidden” gas tax hike that the bureaucrats want to impose on us.


Heath is tired of backroom deals that hurt working class Californians.

That’s why he supports reforms that will increase transparency in the legislature by that requiring that bills be available publicly for 72 hours before they can be voted on.


Health believes we owe the brave Americans who risk their lives to protect America.

He will work to ensure veterans have access to the education and job training programs as well as health care they need to live the kinds of lives they have earned.